Taking on challenges that many run from. Giving back to the communities where we develop. These are a few things we do when constructing urban retail mixed-use properties.
The challenges that are faced when developing urban retail mixed-use projects can be complex. This is why our work receives the praise it does and why we think that the best way to describe what we do is to allow our projects to speak for themselves, as you can see below.

What We Do

Jeff Fuqua of Fuqua Development, LP is a seasoned mixed use/retail developer since 1988. Establishing his firm in 2012 was the next logical move based on his tenacity and drive to seek out success when others found the existing economy stifling.

"This is the right time for us to establish a company that continues to pursue the development of new urbanism centers across our country," Fuqua said. "These complex projects present major technical and business challenges but also offer an opportunity to accomplish in-town, commercially successful developments that contribute to the success, revitalization and quality of life of surrounding neighborhoods."

Fuqua Development develops non-prototypical shopping centers achieving new concepts in retail and mixed use projects. These concepts incorporate characteristics of "live, work, play" into communities and integrate urban lifestyles with the shopping center environments. The firm spends a lot of time and energy on creating individuality to each project based on the neighborhood and geographic region architecturally.

In addition to their technical skills for developing and constructing, Fuqua has years of relationships with retailers who trust his ability to perform. Fuqua Development specializes in leasing strategies and merchandising plans for implementing successful openings or expanding on rejuvenating existing communities. Coupled with retailer commitments and development "know how", Fuqua Development brings substantial value to financial partners.