Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Fuqua Development is made up of a leadership team that is as vast and diverse as the urban retail mixed-use supercenters they develop. Explore below to learn a little more.
At the heart of our mission is the desire to overcome challenges and succeed. This is the driving force behind our mission and it is put on display with the completion of every single project we open across the United States.

About Fuqua Development

Jeff Fuqua founded Fuqua Development in early 2012 along with former associate Heather Correa. As the Former President and Executive of The Sembler Company for 24 years, Jeff’s leadership was widely recognized across America for its extraordinarily successful marquee metro Atlanta projects. Developments such as Town Brookhaven, Edgewood Retail Development, Perimeter Place, Midtown Place, The Prado, Lindbergh Plaza, Lenox Marketplace, Canton Town Center and Henry Town Center, among others, made Sembler’s name synonymous with bold, innovative, cutting-edge, high-quality mixed-use developments in urban and suburban settings.

Thanks to Jeff’s successes in Atlanta, Sembler received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s prestigious Top Commercial Retail Developer for twelve consecutive years.

Jeff’s ambition to continue real estate development at a grand scale led to the decision to establish his own company. Jeff brought along several key professionals from Sembler to keep the fluidity of a strong powerhouse of expertise and knowledge of the extremely complicated requirements of zoning approvals, project architecture and design, and leasing and sales of space and land parcels.

Heather Correa former VP of Development with Sembler for 15 years joined as Partner of Fuqua Development and is instrumental in the success of the company.

Fuqua Development Company is headquartered in Atlanta, which has been Fuqua's base of operations (and his home) since 1992.

Our Mission

Fuqua Development is committed to enhancing neighborhoods and communities by investing in what are often considered marginal or transitional areas. While financially successful projects are ultimately the goal, Fuqua Development’s commitments outweigh seeking purely financial gains in its efforts to improve neighborhoods and communities and create jobs. Time and again, Fuqua Development has demonstrated a willingness to go to areas many others have left behind seeking greener and easier to develop suburban pastures.

Jeff Fuqua personally has received multiple awards for his commitment to redevelopment in the urban core of metro Atlanta as well as in other urban areas in the Southeast. The Urban Land Institute, the International Council of Shopping Centers, the City of Atlanta, DeKalb County, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, among others, have awarded prestigious awards to Fuqua and the team in recognition of the financial and the social value of large-scale mixed use urban developments and in appreciation of the courage, the determination, the patience and the willingness to put some capital at risk to bring such developments to life.

Company Leadership